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Likely to Switch
‘Likely to Switch’ Can Change Your Recruiting Game At Dice, we’re constantly looking for ways to save our customers time when searching for top tech professionals. One path… continue…
How Hiring Managers Can Avoid Bad Hires One of the biggest challenges for any business is employee turnover. It is frustrating to lose someone you thought would… continue…

‘Likely to Switch’ Can Change Your Recruiting Game

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Likely to Switch
At Dice, we’re constantly looking for ways to save our customers time when searching for top tech professionals. One path is using data science to find employment patterns, and utilizing these patterns to create predictive algorithms. Thanks to that work, you’re now able to see which candidates on our Open Web social recruiting platform are more likely to be open to a new job opportunity, giving you a valuable heads-up in this tight recruiting market. Here’s how this process works… continue…

How Hiring Managers Can Avoid Bad Hires

Posted In: HR and Recruiting
One of the biggest challenges for any business is employee turnover. It is frustrating to lose someone you thought would become a great member of the team; there’s also the matter of lost productivity, as the remaining team members have to pick up the slack while you interview replacements. The Department of Labor has found that a bad hiring decision could cost a business 30-50 percent of the departing individual’s potential earnings. Imagine losing $50,000 to a bad hire. As… continue…

A Hiring Manager’s Guide to Interviewing

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As a hiring manager, you want to surround yourself with the strongest team possible, and one bad hire can drag your team (and your profits) down dramatically. In the interview process, you only have so much time to get to know a person and try to make a judgment call about how well they will function within your team. So how can you make the filtering process as effective as possible, and leave yourself only superstars to choose from? In… continue…

Social Networking Best Practices for Recruiters

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While it’s critical that recruiters have an online presence, what does it take to build the kind of social profile that will attract the passive candidates you want to place? Successful penetration of your message across social channels is enabled by the density and reach of your network, which in turn should send your posts to their networks. Justin Laliberte, the IT managing partner at Lucas Group in Atlanta, is an advocate of using social media to make an impression… continue…

Tech Recruiters: Custom-Fit Your Job Postings

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Most tech job postings not only look alike, they fail to attract the perfect candidate. Where are recruiters going wrong? “If your promise is too generic, it won’t resonate with the ideal tech professional and it won’t encourage them to take action,” said Barb Agostini, partner for Recruiting Social, a social recruitment company with offices in Vancouver, London and Los Angeles. Employer branding statements tend to offer broad, overarching benefits that are designed to appeal to everyone. The truth is,… continue…

Evaluating Candidates When You Don’t Know the Tech

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It’s a conundrum faced by many corporate recruiters and HR staffers who are trying to manage the process of identifying and hiring technical candidates: They know the importance of finding the right skills and experience, but their own technical knowledge is limited, making it difficult to evaluate how well each candidate might perform in the role. Difficult, perhaps, but not impossible. The key to evaluating candidates whose expertise goes beyond yours lies in three things: forging a true partnership with… continue…

July 2015: Puppet, Chef, Cloud Architects In Demand

Posted In: The Dice Report
More companies are shifting from on-premises datacenters and servers to cloud-based services, creating added demand for system administrators and “cloud architects” who can effectively deploy and maintain next-generation architecture. Tech pros want this deployment and maintenance of back-end infrastructure to behave with the flexibility of software development, with consistent and repeatable processes (as well as a lot of automation to make the job easier). That desire has sparked the rise of configuration-management tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible and SaltStack,… continue…

Where Do You Find the Time to Recruit?

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If you’re finding it hard to carve out the time to research and recruit candidates, consider these steps from the new eBook, I produced with Dice, The Definitive Guide to Engaging Top Tech Candidates: Group your research time into blocks. It’s very hard to do the kind of exploration you need to do for that critical lead role in between phone screens, emails, and meetings. (So many meetings!) Set aside two to three 30-minute blocks in your day (reserve the… continue…

Effectively Sourcing Talent from GitHub

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GitHub Image
If you’re not familiar with GitHub, you should be. With more than 10 million users, it’s a community of active developers and software engineers who present their skills for all to see by posting code, commenting on the work of others, and contributing to the projects held in more than 24 million repositories. Approach it correctly, and you’ll get a sense of their strengths and interests, along with an inside view of how they go about their work. At the… continue…