Hiring Humor: Teambuilding is ‘Mandatory Fun’
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We’ve all been to a corporate event where mandatory “teambuilding” includes rhyming word games or semi-awkward ice-breakers, and the prize for participation is a sweet treat. Once the treats are gone, the attendees are counting the minutes until they can leave.

You may have actually planned one of these events, and we know that making adults play nice with one another can be even more difficult than children.

Share some of the activities — successful and otherwise — that you’ve planned or participated in at corporate teambuilding events. 

Post your comments below.

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Kevin Studer is a Marketing Manager with Dice. Among his responsibilities are oversight of the company's email and direct mail programs, as well as the Employer Resource Center. Prior to joining Dice in 2005, Kevin worked in marketing communications in the insurance industry for Aviva USA and EMC National Life. When he's not at work, his free time is spent with his wife and two young daughters, or watching whatever football game is on TV.


  1. BY Jocelyn Hayes says:

    As an person very passionate about training, I have found an amazing team building game to teach people (without them knowing they are being taught) about ERP systems (particularly SAP). The game runs a simulation in the background while the teams make normal, everyday business decisions and input those decisions into the software on which they are receiving the ‘training’. At the end of the game, there are winners and losers, but everyone has learned A LOT! It is just so much fun to play the game and to be the facilitator of such an inventive way of transfering my knowledge of a very complex system.

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